The programme connects the entire Val Bregaglia (Switzerland-Italy) and continues to focus on this year's theme ‘Architecture and Gardens’.

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Booking via our website is required by 20:00 the previous evening.

Individual guided art tours will also be organised in Italian, German, French, Romansh or English.

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Performance, Body of Nature

The Bergell, which stretches from Isola along the river Maira (in Switzerland) or Mera (in Italy), ends in Chiavenna in Italy. In a similar way the program of collateral events of the BIENNALE BREGAGLIA 2024 ends also in Chiavenna. In the performance by Silvia Del Grosso (*1978), visual art, cultural heritage and memories come together in the body of the Italian artist.

Event in collaboration with Piero Del Bondio (1947-2024) and Silvia Del Grosso (*1978).

In parallel in Chiavenna takes place the annual festival Sagra dei crotti.

Registrations are closing at 20:00 the day before.

Time: 19:00

Meeting: Paradiso Park, Caurga, Chiavenna

Cost: CHF 15.– cash (paid on site)

100/100 free places

Lea Schaffner

Marcel Herbst

Lisa Collomb

Georg Gatsas

Jonathan Steiger

Piero Maspoli

Athene Galiciadis

Ines Marita Schärer

Juliana Rios Martinez

Kotoaki Asano