The third edition of BIENNALE BREGAGLIA explores the topic «Architecture and Gardens». After an open dialogue with the local population, the curator has chosen the Swiss village of Bondo as the main venue for the exhibition. In architecture, it boasts many types of buildings as well as a variety of construction and decoration techniques. Its dense architectural identity extends as far as urban planning: The village is located on a main road linking the southern and northern Alps and is characterized by significant civil and hydraulic engineering works due to the relief and dynamics of the landscape. Equally rich is its cultivated landscape: from gardens to vegetable gardens of various sizes, Bondo also lives among fields and forests. The redevelopment work that began after the landslide (2017) and continues to this day is changing both: the architectural and landscape identity of Bondo. It also provides many insights into the social, economic, political and religious structure of the place. An ­international selection committee has chosen 10 site-specific projects by national and international artists.

The programme connects the entire Val Bregaglia (Switzerland-­Italy) and focuses on this year’s topic «Architecture and Gardens». The interdisciplinary programme starts in Isola (CH) and then travels via Maloja (CH), Stampa (CH), Caccior (CH), Bondo (CH), Villa di Chiavenna (I), Piuro (I) to Chiavenna (I).

Here you can find further informations on all events and on the public and private guided tours in Italian, German, French, Romansh and English.

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The reconstruction of Bondo is not yet completed.

Please follow the official signs on site.

Access to the installations and exhibition spaces is at your own risk.

Visitors are responsible for their own insurance.

Any liability is rejected.

In addition to the online map you can also download it as a PDF.


A trilingual publication will be published by the end of the BIENNALE BREGAGLIA 2024.

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Room fragrance «Stüa»

In collaboration with the BIENNALE BREGAGLIA and inspired by the theme «Architecture and Gardens», Soglio Produkte AG has created a room fragrance.

The woody note with light, fresh floral accents is reminiscent of forests, wild meadows and gardens as well as the typical wooden parlours of Bregaglia - the «Stüa».

The proceeds from this product go to the Progetti d'arte in Val Bregaglia association so that further projects can be realised in Bregaglia in the future.

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Marcel Herbst

Piero Maspoli

Athene Galiciadis

Jonathan Steiger

Kotoaki Asano

Georg Gatsas

Juliana Rios Martinez

Ines Marita Schärer

Lea Schaffner

Lisa Collomb